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Why you should choose Auto Specialties of Lake Norman to repair your vehicle:



Vehicle Knowledge



We have spent several years, working at various Domestic, Asian and European dealerships.  This has allowed us to learn quite a bit about specific car lines and manufacturer approved repair procedures.


We do our best to maintain the latest service information and training, both manufacturer specific and general automotive.

Cadillac Deville and Subaru STI in for repairs.






Because cars constantly change, we constantly update or replace our equipment.  Some items become obsolete and some pieces of equipment work better on some cars over others.  To provide you with the most complete repair, we keep several factory scantools and specialty tools as well as several aftermarket items on hand. We have the equipment to diagnose and repair CAN bus systems, Fiber Optic (like BMW's MOST bus and Byteflite) and many others.  This allows us to offer a broad band of "dealer level" repairs, so we can be your "one stop" repair shop.


Complete vehicle diagnosis, module coding, programming and other initializations for many makes & models are features we offer that most other shops turn you away for.

Volvo XC90 AWD being diagnosed with Volvo VIDA.  VIDA is the official diagnostic scantool of Volvo.
Volvo XC90 AWD being diagnosed with the official Diagnostic Scantool of Vovlo: Volvo VIDA. One of the many tools found in our shop.



Quality Repairs




 At Auto Specialties of Lake Norman, we pay special attention to detail. We are an independant repair shop, and use aftermarket parts, however if a certain vehicle "requires" the use of a specialty fluid, or we have found that only OEM parts work well in a particular application, then we seek out those factory items to protect your investment.  You may also request OEM parts at any time and we will be happy to accommodate!

GM Dex-Cool, Subaru ATF, Saab Antifreeze, Toyota Type IV ATF and BMW blue Coolant. All factory reccomended fluids found in our shop.





Commitment to Excellence



We are a sponsoring member of the International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN).  As a sponsoring member, we share knowledge with shops and techinicans around the world as well as adhere to a professional code of ethics.



International Automotive Technicians Network - iATN





We also support voluntary technician certification through  Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).  Our ASE plaques can be found in our office.  Ask to see our credentials! ASE Certification.  We employ certified professional technicians!



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