Services we offer for BMW vehicles

Sophistication, Elegance and Power are some of the reasons why BMW is the most recognized and respected automobile worldwide. Due to the advanced state of the art technology fitted in these vehicles, your choice of repair facility should be carefully considered. With our constantly updated training and access to current service information and equipment, we can perfom all levels of service.

From basic maintenance to advanced fiber optic diagnostics, Auto Specialties of Lake Norman is a wise choice for the care of your BMW. The “true measure” of a BMW specialty shop, used to be whether or not the shop has a GT1. Since GT1s are now obsolete, you must now find a shop that uses the new generation of diagnostic equipment: ISTA.

The newest interface from BMW, which is the same as what the dealers use, is the ICOM. If your current BMW shop isn’t using the ICOM, they are not using factory standards to repair BMWs!

ISTA/D is the software that replaces the diagnostic capabilites of the GT1 and ISTA/P is the factory software that replaces the Coding, Individualization and Programming (CIP) functions of SSS (Progman). Only the shops who have an ICOM and utilize ISTA will be able to work on current BMWs and older BMWs with newer Integration Levels.

You spent alot for your BMW and probably care about keeping it up! Why trust it with anybody who can offer less than the absolute best? Auto Specialties of Lake Norman is ICOM & ISTA equipped and ready for the future of BMW!

2004 745Li (E66) being updated to latest I-Level with factory ICOM & ISTA-P


Here are some of the typical scheduled services:

Inspection I:

  • Oil Service (Synthetic)
  • Microfilter (Cabin Filter)
  • Diagnostic Readout
  • Reset Maintenance Indicator
  • Complete Vehicle Inspection

Inspection II:

  • Oil Service (Synthetic)
  • Microfilter (Cabin Filter)
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Spark Plugs
  • Fuel Filter
  • Reset Maintenance Indicator
  • Diagnostic Readout
  • Complete Vehicle Inspection

Every 2 Years:

Brake Fluid Exchange

Every 4 Years:

Coolant Exchange

Condition Based Services:

Some BMWs have messages in the display to indicate when individual services are due (i.e. Microfilter, Brakes).
If any of these messages appear, we can perform only that service and reset only that indicator, if the other services
are not due yet.

We can also offer the following:

Suspension  repairs
State Inspections
Air Conditioning repairs
Cooling System repairs
Battery and Starter service
Check Engine Light diagnosis

Please note, that on many late model BMW’s, single module reprogramming is not possible. The entire vehicle must be programmed to bring all fitted modules up to the same program level. Although we are equipped to handle this, it is a very time consuming procedure and we ask that you make arrangements to drop the vehicle off, should you need a software update. We have access to BMW GT1, SSS (Progman), ISTA/D and ISTA/P for all of your BMW repair needs.

If you do need a module replaced, regardless of your vehicles age or chassis, please let us replace the module for you, so that we may extract needed info from the old module prior to replacement.

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