Services we offer for General Motors vehicles

We can perform all of the needed services for your GM vehicle.

Whether you use the Oil Life Monitor with Maintenance I/II intervals, or you just need traditional mileage based services, we can ensure your vehicle gets the needed services to stay in full working order.

To assist you with your General Motors vehicle repairs, we have the factory scan-tool (Tech 2) with a current subscription to TIS which keeps our equipment up to date and allows us to program modules when new software comes out or a module is replaced.  We also subscribe to the latest service information so that the most recent bulletins and service procedures can be carried out when repairs are needed.  We truely are your dealer alternative!

Since some models have different service needs and not all services and service intervals could be listed, please call us at 704-201-7334 or EMAIL us with your specific needs so that we can work with you to help keep your GM vehicle on the road!